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Energy saving calculator

Energy saving calculator allows you to calculate possible energy savings with UniGear Digital in operation. UniGear Digital utilizes sensors, the successors to conventional instrument transformers, in order to significantly reduce size, increase safety, and provide greater rating standardization and a wider functionality range. Sensors exhibit extremely low energy consumption that is just a fraction of what is transformed to heat in conventional current transformers (CT). This contributes to energy savings during its entire operating life, supporting the world-wide effort to reduce energy consumption. To calculate energy savings enter the parameters of your switchgear with details about its typical panels and press “Calculate”.

Step 1: Define switchgear parameters

Rated voltage

Rated short-time withstand current

* these options aren't available for rated voltage = 36 kV

** these options aren't available for rated voltage = 24 kV, 36 kV

Step 2: Define typical panels in switchgear

Step 3: Set price of energy


You must specify a value for this required field (1-99999).

Step 4: Calculate

Please add at least one panel in step 2 to continue ...